What are our clients saying about their experience with Core?



“Maggie really understood our culture and needs and then built solutions to align to those.”

~ Kathy Ovens, VP Organizational Effectiveness at Hobsons


SapitaHeadShot“Core completed an outstanding year of work for us that is making an impact on our business. Regardless of roadblocks, projects kept moving and results were delivered. Nothing but positive comments.”

~ Christine Sapita, VP Global Talent & Communications at Hobsons


“OnSuzie thing Core did really well was getting my staff into small groups where they felt comfortable to interact.”

~ Suzi Brodof, Executive Director at River Valley Child Development Services




“We do training evaluations after every training. Everyone at our organization raves about Maggie and how great of job she always does. She explains things really well so that the subject matter is easy to understand. Her overall style of presenting is great.”

~ Steve Staggs, Organizational Development Specialist at SD1.

Anonymous Feedback from Workshop and Offsite Attendees

  • “Instruction was very engaging and added real application to the principles discussed.”
  • “Great mentoring program! We were made to think through situations rather than being given answers.”
  • “I appreciated the group discussions and time spent working on real issues our management team is facing.”
  • “I liked how multiple channels were used to facilitate the message. Being able to put a visual reminder to the message will aid in retention and future application.”
  • “It was an interactive program that kept us engaged!”
  • “Maggie is such an empowering speaker. I enjoyed her sessions very much!”

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