Core Growth: Seeding NextGen Leaders

Have emerging leaders whose spans of influence and impact are growing in a meaningful way? Core Growth is a 6-month leadership development program that uses Wiley’s Work of Leaders model as a framework for the curriculum. Participants form a close learning community as they explore four modules (self, vision, alignment and execution) through a variety of interactions, speakers and experiences.


Registration for Fall 2017 class is now open!

To learn more about the Fall 2017 Core Growth program, please click here. If interested in registering for the 2017 fall class, or if you just want to know more, please contact Amy Clark at

Key Core Growth program dates:

• Week of September 4th (exact date TBD): Evening kick-off/networking event

• September 20, 2017: Full-day workshop

• November 1, 2017: Full-day workshop

• December 6, 2017: Full-day workshop

• January 31, 2018: Full-day workshop

• February 21: Half-day workshop/graduation


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