Leadercast Take 2: The Trust Formula

TrustIn line with the Simply Lead theme to this year’s Leadercast event, let me continue this series by starting this post with a simple formula:

2 is better than 1 because 2 does it better than 1. Without trust, you only have 1.

One of the speakers at Leadercast was Mike Krzyzewsk – better known as “Coach K” – who has been the head coach of Duke University’s men’s basketball program since 1980. Coach K shared the above statement when talking about his experience coaching Team USA’s Olympic Basketball team, whom he led to gold medal victories in both the Beijing and London summer games.

London Olympics Basketball Men[Memes] LeBron James Memes Team USA Basketball Olympics2008 USA Men's Olympic Basketball

As you can imagine, Coach K had some “big” personalities to lead – Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony to name a few. The best-of-the-best from all across the United States, with each potentially having their own personal agenda.

Trust was a critical factor to their success – trust in Coach K to lead well and trust in each other to give their best on the court so that the entire team, and country, would claim the Gold. Without trust, they would not have been able to benefit from their collective strengths and contributions, as demonstrated by the simple Trust Formula infographic below.

How Can You Build Trust?

As a leader, what can you do to gain the trust of your team? Here are a few simple actions you can take to get started:

1.  Make eye contact and actively listen to your team members. Just these two things alone with go a long way.

2.  Always tell the truth, expect the truth, and stay true to your word. The trust lost after just one broken promise or little white lie could take months or even years to rebuild.

3.  Be transparent. Share information consistently, openly and in a timely manner, even if you can’t expose every last detail.

4.  Spend time in the trenches. Think Undercover Boss for this one. Frontline employees sometimes feel disconnected from the bigger picture, yet they are usually your subject matter experts and have incredibly valuable insights into your customers and solutions. Acknowledge and involve them as trusted partners to the organization’s success.

5.  Empower your team members. Demonstrate the trust you have in them to take an idea and run with it, and they will likely reciprocate that same level of trust back to you. No one likes being micro-managed.

6.  Give the credit to the team. Never take sole credit for something that went well – it’s never the result of just one person. Give credit where credit is due. Read the Core Chat post on 3 Ways to Make Recognition Meaningful.

How do you build trust amongst your team? Please share your thoughts and ideas below. Because after all,

We’re not a team because we work together. We’re a team because we trust each other ~ via @ValaAfshar #tchat

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