Core designs leadership development strategies.

Core offers full-service leadership development support for organizations of all sizes. Contact us for assistance with:

  • Leadership planning and strategy development – including needs assessment, competency modeling, and talent identification/readiness
  • Curriculum design, including blended learning opportunities
  • Coaching for leaders at all levels
  • Facilitation of leadership workshops



Core facilitates workshops that build leadership capabilities.

Invite one of Core’s facilitators to lead a workshop about the following leadership development topics:

  • Authentic leadership
  • Servant leadership
  • Leading productive teams
  • The Work of Leaders: Crafting a Vision, Building Alignment and Championing Execution
  • Lead teams better with Everything DiSC Management
  • Custom: Core can design custom workshop content tailored to meet your specific leadership development needs

For a comprehensive list of workshop topics, please click here.


Core offers programs that grow leaders of the future.

Have emerging leaders whose spans of influence and impact are growing in a meaningful way? Core Growth is a 6-month leadership development program that uses Wiley’s Work of Leaders model as a framework for the curriculum. Participants form a close learning community as they explore four modules (self, vision, alignment and execution) through a variety of interactions, speakers and experiences.

To learn more about the local, Greater Cincinnati Core Growth program, please click here.

To learn more about Core Growth: Building Utility Leaders of the Future, please click here.


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