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New Year, New Leaders

Core Consulting spent the large majority of 2016 helping organizations build strong leaders. We do this through client-specific partnerships and an open enrollment leadership program. And 2017 will be no different! With a regional utility leadership program kicking off in Chicago, continued client-specific curriculum underway, and another installment of our open-enrollment emerging leader class, we continue to help build the people potential of our valued clients. Thus leading to greater business success.

Hats off to our most recent graduates!











We ended 2016 with the graduation of our most recent Core Growth Emerging Leaders class. Core Growth is a 9-month public/open-enrollment leadership program for Greater Cincinnati high potentials whose span of influence and impact are growing in a meaningful way. Using Wiley’s Work of Leaders model as a framework, the program boasts:

  • Small class size
  • Hands-on, engaging and blended learning environment
  • Outdoor learning opportunities
  • Individualized development plans
  • Community service
  • Ongoing touch points with senior-level sponsors at participants’ organizations
  • Professional development at just the right point in an emerging leader’s career where they are proactively building positive leadership behaviors.

Culminating last November at the Art of Entertaining in O’Bryonville, Core Growth graduates enjoyed a recognition lunch with their Company Sponsors. We are grateful for the commitment of these individuals and are excited about the positive impact they will continue to make at their workplaces. Please join us in congratulating our most recent Core Growth graduates!

  • Angela Cook, Sanitation District No. 1
  • Angela Ozar, Bad Girl Ventures
  • Erin Grone, Harlow-HRK Sales & Marketing
  • John Lipps, Ohio National Financial Services
  • Margo Hess, Centennial Inc.

What’s next for Core Growth?

The current Core Growth emerging leader class is in the fifth month of their program and will be graduating in May 2017. This will be the third graduating class since its inception in 2015.

Registration for the 2017 class is now open! Program kick-off is scheduled for September. For more information, visit our website at http://bit.ly/CoreGrowth or contact Amy Clark at amy.clark@contact-core.com.

We also work one-on-one with organizations to build emerging and executive leadership programs to meet their unique needs. From leadership strategy, to competency modeling, to program facilitation, Core Consulting’s team of senior consultants will work with you to design a meaningful and impactful leadership development program that will advance your business strategy forward. Reach out today to get started!

6 New Leaders Emerge in Greater Cincinnati Region

Six emerging leaders from companies in the Greater Cincinnati/NKY region have graduated from the 9-month Core Growth leadership development program. A graduation luncheon was held last week at The Art of Entertaining in O’Bryonville, where both class participants and their company sponsors came together to celebrate the commencement.

The first six emerging leaders to graduate from this inaugural Core Growth class include:

  • Dan Battistone, Harlow-HRK Sales & Marketing
  • Jason Duggan, Hobsons
  • April Gillespie-Hurst, LegalShield
  • Laurie Link, FTJ FundChoice
  • Ryan Rieckhoff, Ohio National Financial Services
  • Rachel Wells, Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1)

Core Growth Graduating Class (Front row L to R): Ryan Rieckhoff, Dan Battistone, Laurie Link (Back row L to R): Rachel Wells, April Gillespie-Hurst, Jason Duggan

Developed and run by Core Consulting Group, Core Growth is a 9-month leadership development program targeted specifically at emerging leaders. Using Wiley’s Work of Leaders model as a framework for the curriculum, participants form a close learning community who explore the following four modules together through a variety of interactions, speakers and experiences:

  • Self: Planting the Seed
  • Vision: Calling the Sun
  • Alignment: Involving the Ecosystem
  • Execution: Bringing to Life

An intentionally small class size and blended learning approach over an extended period of time is at the heart of what makes this unique program so impactful. Graduate Rachel Wells (SD1) shares a reflection about her experience in the program:

Core Growth was a transformative experience for me. I learned about the different ways others approach their work and the world, and it taught me how to navigate different personalities and problems to accomplish important goals. Most importantly, Core Growth taught me about myself – how to focus my goals for greater success and how to turn my talents into true strengths. Through Core Growth, I’ve learned to take the long view, to align my actions with my goals and to recognize opportunity in the challenges before me.

Another unique aspect of this program is the Company Sponsor competent. Class participants are paired with senior-level sponsors at their companies. They meet with the sponsor each month to review class learnings and work through a company-applied project that gives them hands-on application of the Vision-Alignment-Execution curriculum.


Core Growth Graduating Class & Company Sponsors (Front row L to R): Maggie Frye, Trisha Weiner, Ryan Rieckhoff, Dan Battistone, Rob James, Kathy Ovens, Laurie Link, Cathy Koop (Back row L to R): Jamie Holtzapfel, Rachel Wells, April Gillespie-Hurst, Jason Duggan, Julie Doyle

Trisha Weiner, VP of Internal Marketing at Ohio National Financial Services and Core Growth Sponsor, saw tremendous value in her learner’s participation:

Our participant is extremely enthusiastic when he returns from a Core Growth session and is anxious to review with me what took place. He is a big proponent of the program and is recommending others take it. I believe that the program has helped him understand his challenges, and thus gives him the opportunity to work on them, which he is doing.

This is the inaugural class, which kicked-off in September 2015. Since then, another class began in March 2016 and is slated to graduate in November. Additionally, registration just opened for a third class kicking off this Fall. The program offers a new class in the Fall and Spring each year.

Maggie Frye, Founder & Principal Consultant of Core Consulting Group, is passionate about building strong leadership at all levels at local companies, one leader at a time

We define emerging leaders as those whose span of influence and impact is growing in a meaningful way. This is not limited to a specific age or manager vs. non-manager role. It could span both early and mid-career employees. An emerging leader is beginning to take on heightened responsibilities and accountability for customers, products and services, and/or team members – resulting in a greater direct impact on your organization’s success.

Core Growth catches emerging leaders at just the right point in their career that it proactively builds behavior versus reacts to and/or fixes behaviors later down the road.

I’m excited to see what this is doing for our great city. We are making workplaces better, stronger – one leader at a time. I believe very deeply in this mission and could not be more thrilled watching it come to fruition. I am so proud of the commitment and dedication these six class members have demonstrated and am excited for them to continue to effectively lead and positively impact those around them. Maggie Frye, Core Consulting founder and primary facilitator of the Core Growth program.

To register your emerging leaders for the Fall class, click here: http://bit.ly/1rF2ndI (Early Bird pricing ends July 29th!)

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