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HR Would Be Better If…

Local HR guru Steve Browne (@sbrownehr) is hosting the Carnival of HR this week and has asked HR bloggers from around the globe to write about the following theme: “HR would be better if…” All posts must be in by January 14, so here we go (1.5 hours to spare)!

20140905_192850HR would be better if . . . We all took a big, no GINORMOUS step back.

Then go for a walk outside in the cold and crisp, yet therapeutic fresh air. Clear your mind. Breathe.

When you return, clear off a large space on your desk, break out an old-school pad of paper and pen, and reflect on the following questions:

1. What am I doing?

2. Why am I doing it?

3. What is the desired result? How am I helping the business succeed?

4. Do I have to be doing it this way? Is there a different way? A better way? A more efficient way? A more engaging way? A more impactful way?

5. If so, who or what can I learn from, connect with, leverage to get us there?

6. What will success look like? When/how often will I measure? Am I open to changing course midway? Am I okay with failing? How will I respond to failure?

7. At the end of the day, what am I doing to enhance the quality of our employees’ work lives? To make it more enjoyable? More fulfilling? What am I doing to restore humanity in the workplace? #YOLO

Now you’re ready to make a big, no GINORMOUS impact.

P.S. If your boss and co-workers give you funny looks for walking around the parking lot in the middle of January, ask them to join you next time. They’ll see the light. And your organization will be better.

What is a Blogging Carnival?

Taken straight from the Carnival of HR’s website: “A blogging carnival is a social media meme in which a group of bloggers submit blog posts to a “host” who compiles the posts into one collection that they then publish on their site on the prearranged day. The posts and bloggers are generally focused on an similar area of interest, such as Human Resources, and may or may not have a theme which unites the posts on a specific question or topic.”